Would Etihad and Singapore reward seats booked with Velocity points be valid if Virgin Australia goes under?

Hi there everyone,

I have booked reward seats with Virgin Velocity points flying Melb-Abu Dhabi (Etihad) and Dubai-Singapore-Melb (Singapore Airlines).

My question is, as my tickets were booked through Virgin, do Virgin hold my tickets and would Etihad/Singapore Airlines still honour the ticket if Virgin were to go under? Flights are for what was going to be my honeymoon in August and will likely need to move these dates adding another level of complexity.

Already had to postpone our wedding and have taken a hit so hoping not to take anymore.

Thanks in advance. Always love the feedback this community provides.

Hi there,

Responding because there is a lack of response. Here are my 2c worth. Hope that it helps.

I asked the same question among my point collecting friends about my Velocity points redeemed Singapore Airline flights. I didn’t find a definitive answer. I was told by friends that it is unlikely that Singapore Airlines are accountable for the flights if VA goes under. I don’t know the reason personally. But was told there is still a chance that SQ still allow honour the flight but it is up to them.

Sorry it wasn’t a conclusive answer. Hence why I was reluctant to respond initially.

I reckon if the flights are confirmed, then you’d be all good and it’s now Etihad or Singapore’s issue, not with velocity. Don’t know this for sure though but that’s what I would have thought.

Thanks for your comments. Definitely an unusual situation. My initial thoughts are that as the ticket is issued by Velocity I am not sure that Singapore or Etihad would honour the ticket given that they can release the seats to generate revenue the otherwise wouldn’t get in this difficult time.

Is anyone aware of the best way to contact Etihad or Singapore airlines to discuss this issue?