Will there be later release of more business class award seats from Los Angeles to Melbourne?

Hi, After great lessons from this community I have put together a Round the World flight using points essentially to use the points and take the teenager to visit family in Mexico for month during Feb 23 however the final leg LAX -MEL is economy. Qantas tele staff have advised to call back regularly to see if more seats have been released to Rewards but after several attempts I dont think that is going to happen,. is there another way? Rerouting through another destination? I am tempted to cancel the whole booking and try another way there and back as the trip through Europe etc was just to get the RTW package and it is going to take 3 days+ to get to Mexico even if it is business.
Any suggestions welcome

If it helps ease the pain a bit, you could check on website yourself for availabilities of LAX-MEL.

I personally wouldn’t hold my breathe for release of additional business class seats (especially for 2 or more passengers). The direct flight across the Pacific is usually in high demand on any given day pre and post Covid.

As you have said, if you have low intentions of travelling to Europe, it is a long way to get to Mexico, even in Business or First class. You will have to weigh it up yourself.

You could try routing to Brisbane or via Fiji. Again searchable via Qantas website. Try the multi-city search too.

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Hi @patrick1

I agree with @w.hiew . I’m not sure if using your points (and spending all that extra money on taxes and carrier charges) on a RTW is worth it if really all you want to do is get to Mexico. Having said that, it may well be easier to find Oneworld availability to Mexico if you fly in westwards (eg. from Europe) rather than eastwards (eg. from Australia).

In terms of getting home, try Fiji Airlines via Nadi, JAL via Tokyo, or even Cathay Pacific via HKG. And don’t forget to look for American Airlines availability as well.