Will Qantas classic award flight cancellation fees be waived in light of Covid-19 travel restrictions?

We will sadly need to cancel our Qantas June flights which we paid for using points.
Has anyone had any luck with not being charged the 6000 per pax cancellation fee?
We can’t re-schedule - need to cancel.

Hi nkr,
I cancelled two reward flights yesterday, for flights in September. My “Points Activity” showed a complete refund of the reward points, and even though there was a “Classic Reward Refund Fee” entry where normally you’d see 6,000 points deducted per passenger, there was no amount associated with it. Looks like no Cancellation Fee. I just cancelled on the website (didn’t ring Qantas).

I cancelled by 11-sector booking via SMS with clear confirmation it would take 2wks to refund the points and taxes/fees and no 6000pt cancel fee… yet we haven’t received anything yet after 2wks. Logging into the booking and we get an error…Not cool that Qantas is conducting itself fraudulently.

Qantas and Emirates cancelled separate legs of my BNE-FCO itinerary.

I got a ‘Resume Conversation’ message on my QF Phone App. They asked how they could help - as the flight was departing in the near future I asked them to refund my points (around 390K) and my fees (around $1200AUD).

Got a message saying it was done and to expect an email.

Nothing received as yet, but I imagine they are swamped. I would also suggest they are intentionally refunding the $ portions as late as legally possible to preserve their cash on hand position - understandable.

Hi Graham,
Were the flights that you cancelled yesterday with Qantas or with a partner airline? I ask because I have flights booked on Qatar using QFF points, and Qatar is still flying. I’m wondering if this will affect whether or not Qantas will apply the cancellation points deduction.
Thanks. Steve

Hi Steve,
The flights I cancelled were Emirates flights SYD-FCO (Rome), booked using QFF points. I wasn’t charged the usual 6,000 points per passenger when I cancelled. :grinning:

Thanks for the clarification Graham.

Not sure if I would deem it understandable but I get where you are coming from. I want (need) my money back given I am stuck in the UK. I am less understanding towards airlines like EasyJet who will not give any refund/credit for my Geneva/Luton flight a week back. Switzerland was in lockdown and I couldn’t get into the country to catch the flight. Did they care? No idea, no reply to email, Tweet, FB etc, phone ROFL.

We cancelled and was charged 6000points these have now been refunded.