Will NAB take the bonus points back if I cancel my card?

Hey Guys, I was getting a NAB home loan anyway so to get the 250,000 Virgin points I signed up for the NAB platinum credit card. So happy days I’ve now got a home and 250,000 points in my virginFF account.

I’m just about to cancel my cards - I usually use no-fee cards but wanted to make sure first that there is no way they can take the points back after I’ve canceled the cards?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Tom,

If your home loan is already with NAB, you should get your annual fee for your credit card waived anyway so I would say keep it since it is ‘free’. Please confirm with your bank.

Also, your velocity ff points will be swept monthly into your velocity ff account so NAB can’t touch it after.

Unless you  can’t stand the card lingering around, then feel free to cancel it after your points are safely in your velocity ff account.

Awesome cheers mate, yeah I’m going to cancel it and get another card to take advantage of bonus points and I don’t want to end up with a dozen credit cards lying around :slight_smile: