Will I be able to access the business lounge on my second leg if my itinerary is business-economy?


I’m pretty sure the standard answer to my question is “yes” right?

A bit of a catch with my specific question though:

I’ve just booked my first business class Qantas flights using points. I’m flying Brisbane-Melbourne-Devonport. However Melbourne-Devonport is all economy because it’s a Dash 8. The first flight leaves Brisbane at 6:10 AM. Then the second from Melbourne at 3:30 PM.

Will I be able to access the business lounges in Brisbane and Melbourne? Or just Brisbane? I’ll be disappointed if it’s just Brisbane given the super early flight!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would have thought that if the entire flight was booked as one business class transaction, you would have lounge access throughout. Not your fault the Dash doesn’t have business seats!