Will airlines give me a status match if most of my status credits are not from flying?

What is the actual process if you apply for a status match do they ask to see your flight history with the other airlines, I have plenty of qantas points and now status, is there any possibility of getting the new HSBC card for say gold with singapore and getting QANTAS to match it. my points are credit card basically.

That depends on the individual status matching scheme’s terms and conditions. Generally though, when they are asking for your frequent flyer activity, they are checking that you have earned the status through considerable flying and spending and that you weren’t given the status. After all, why would an airline be incentivised to provide you with free status if you didn’t spend a dime and will not do so?

Right now, Qantas has no published status matching scheme but you are always encouraged to apply for their status challenge if you have status in a competing airline.

However, this is targetted at people who don’t already have status with Qantas, not for those looking to extend their status. Also, you do need to do a fair bit of flying to achieve that status. They specifically exclude gifted status, which the star alliance credit card’s complimentary status is.

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