Why the reward redemption points required does not match that on Velocity table?

Hi - quick question if you can answer it. currently looking at booking sydney to abu dhabi through etihad with velocity rewards. looking at the points table it should cost 104K points for business class however when i search VA’s website, the cheapest I can get is 160K odd for business. why the discrepancy?

I see 104k on Etihad (direct flight); 158600 if you don’t want to pay the surcharge/taxes. The award table shows the points not including the surcharge/taxes.

35477 cents/54600 pts = 0.65 cpp -> not good value in my books.

Let me know if that figure for the points is not what you see.

Ah I see now -thanks for the reply. Geez what a surcharge! Lo0king at transferring to Singapore instead now.