Why no link to the forum in the header bar?

I used to frequent around here a lot pre-covid. Loved the site. It has help me understand the point chasing game.

The site has changed a lot, and it is now almost impossible to find the ‘community’ or ‘forum’ section. Why isn’t there a ‘tab’ to quickly link users to this part of the site in the header bar? It used to be so easy to get to the forum/ask a question section. I couldn’t even find it when browsing on my mobile, and found it hidden away when using desktop.

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Why no link to the forum?

I felt the same when they updated the website layout (might have been a year or so ago I lost track now).

Might have had a similar post commenting the same but I couldn’t find it now. I might have reached out to the PointHacks team then, can’t really recall now. Sorry my memory isn’t helping much towards your post.

The one positive thing is the url link is still short and nice. I’d just bookmark it as a short term self fix.

But I do agree that it might reduce new potential audience as the community section is much harder to find or stumble upon now.