Why is this Qantas reward itinerary above the maximum partner rate?

Looking for some advice as to why this multi city booking is adding up to 209,200 points? They are all OneWorld partner airlines so I am a little lost. Is there too big a gap between the second and third flight?

Hi @hungry4points

That is indeed what it looks like is happening. If there is a gap of greater than 24 hours between flights, that qualifies as a “Stopover”, and the flight from Tokyo to Helsinki is being treated as a separate flight.

It looks like you’re being charged 90,000 points one leg, and another 119,200 points for the other. If you want to be charged 159,000 points for the full itinerary, you’ll need to limit your Tokyo stop to less than 24 hours.

Thanks @sixtyeight, that’s a great help. I will keep searching!

I might try for a stopover on the way back, if I can meet the Qantas RTW award rules and can add my return legs via the call centre once they become available.

@sixtyeight I tweaked it to be less than 24 hours in Tokyo but I’m still being charged the last flight as a separate flight. Do you think it’s because it’s into Narita but out of Haneda?

Hi again @hungry4points

It’s certainly got me stumped. It shouldn’t be because it’s into Narita and out of Haneda… but I can’t see any other reason. But as I say, I’m stumped. Maybe someone else can help @djtech @w.hiew @BrandonLoo @jenart ?

Hi, that is indeed strange.

I’ve asked around and it seems the system might not be liking the airport change at NRT/HND. It might work with a RTW itinerary but not a Classic Reward itinerary. All just speculations at this point. We could not see any stand out info in reading other guides and the T&C.

Might be worth trying your luck to see whether you can find a good agent to find out more. It’s a lottery draw though to find a knowledgeable agent.

Otherwise, I’d try avoiding the airport change to see whether this phenomenon disappears.

Your itinerary has two Trips and is being charged accordingly. Changing to a different airline means the start of a new Trip.

A Trip must be “not broken by a change to or from any airline included in the Partner Classic Flight Reward table.” This is in clause 2 of the T&Cs.

If you want to get to Europe for 159,000 points it will have to be all on the same airline with no stop greater than 24 hours.

Thanks @kris.mas.x2

Getting to Europe in business on the same partner airline would be an impressive feat in a peak period.

My intention is to add return legs via the call centre when they become available, meeting the Oneworld Reward conditions. In that event do you think it would max out at 318k? Plus the change fee, per passenger?

I did notice the following clause in the T&Cs, but clearly it is not pricing according to this.

“14.5.3 A one way oneworld Classic Flight Reward Itinerary will be charged as a return Itinerary. oneworld Classic Flight Reward Itineraries finishing in a port other than the port of origin must include the distance to return directly to the port of origin when calculating the number of Qantas Points required to redeem the Flight Reward and the maximum distance for the Itinerary.”

Yes, it will max out at 318k, subject to your future flights meeting the conditions.

Your current one way itinerary already meets the oneworld reward rules. When you add the miles to return to the port of origin ie. Melbourne, it comes to a total of 21,540 miles. The oneworld reward table prices this at 318k points.

The system thinks you are only flying one way. It doesn’t know that you intend on adding return flights to this booking at a later time. So for now it will only charge the lower of 209k or 318k points.