Why is there such a huge difference in Business Classic Rewards Seats when searching 1 vs 2 passengers?

Please help!

I’m currently searching for 2 business class tickets from Melbourne to Phuket in Feb 2024 using Qantas FF points to buy through classic rewards seats.

How come I get so many flight options available in business when I search for 1 person but when I put in the exact same search for 2 people I get no flight options at all? Is it really that Qantas only release 1 business class seat?? Or am I meant to search 1 seat for myself and buy that and my partner also search for 1 seat on his account and buy that?

We don’t want to end up in a situation where one of us bought the seat and the other person didn’t get it on the same flight…

Hey @anchi.chen93

Short answer is yes - Qantas, or Emirates (based off your previous post I’m assuming you’re considering them as a carrier), usually only release a small amount of business class seats on a flight. If you can’t see them when searching for 2 people, then there’s most likely only one reward seat available.

I will ask if you’ve tried to search for the individual flight legs, rather than looking at purely MEL-HKT? It might be the case that one leg has only 1 seat available.

Overall, I wouldn’t go and plan to buy 1 seat, hoping that one comes available. If there’s only 1 seat offered, chances are that is all.

Thanks, there are a few options as to how we fly to eventually get to our holiday destination, Koha Samui Thailand. And it seems like there are a lot more business class seats released through Classic Rewards if we fly to Singapore first.

Just wondering if you know what would be the best time to purchase tickets? The time we’re looking for isn’t available yet (1 Mar 2024) but once it becomes available, should we be buying the first semi-suitable flight we can find for two people or should we keep checking back for our ideal flight to become available with two seats since the travel date is still so far out? I know the airlines don’t release all of their business class seats at once.

If it was me, I would book whatever is suitable when available. I rather cancel the booking than struggle finding one if I decide to wait.

Try turning on the multi-city toggle on the search page.

I’d also focus on the longer flights in my search as mentioned previously that if the shorter flight(s) doesn’t have award seats, it wouldn’t show availability at all. Often, the shorter flights aren’t too expensive and bearable in economy class.

In an ideal world, if you can find the award seats for the whole journey (A->B->C), sure, go for it as you don’t have to pay more $ and having it all on one itinerary gives you better coverage in case of any delays or cancellations.

Hope it helps.