Why is there a Qantas error with multi city reward flights bookings including stopovers less than 24 hours?

If I am travelling to Europe I like to book the flights as a multistop itinerary so that I can have long breaks to have a sleep in-between flights but now I notice it brings up an error (4002) - a bit of googling shows that error comes up if you try and do that with a stopover of less than 24 hours. Has anyone else noticed this is happening? And is there a way around it? I don’t want Qantas to book it because then you can’t change online yourself without paying those ridiculous so called ‘service fees’. Any advice?

Is this the article you found from Google? How to get around booking errors on Qantas.com

What is the route you are trying too redeem?

Yes that is the source - interesting isn’t it. I am trying to fly Barcelona to Doha and then Doha to Hong Kong with a 16 layover using points. I am trying to book for 2021 and keep getting the error. Unfortunately when I call qantas they say they can’t see flights that far ahead - I don’t get the error if I leave more than 24 hours between the flights but then the points are higher as its costed as 2 trips.

I had a quick play on the Qantas website. No issues for me finding flights BCN-DOH-HKG in Feb 2020. 3 hr transit.

Judging from the Qantas calendar, there are only 2 days open for booking in 2021. 1st and 2nd Jan. What dates are you looking for? On Qatar Airways website, they are open till 10 Jan 2021.