Why is my Qantas OneWorld RTW itinerary not maxing out at 132k points for economy class?

I am making a QF RTW economy reward booking and the flight miles is under the 35,000 however the system is quoting 166,000 points rather than the 132,400 points Cap.
I would welcome any thoughts?
thank you

Hi and welcome,

Please provide your itinerary for review. A common problem is including non-OneWorld airlines in the itinerary.

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This is one example.
I am trying to get at the end of Norway leg (via train) ending in Burgen to iceland around the 25th Aug and return to Helsinki around the 30th Aug. thier seem to be Finnair flights but system either donst like them of charges more

I suspect if you remove the Oslo - Helsinki flight, which is probably on a “regional” airline, it may remove the problem.

Here are the rules:

  • You must include at least two other oneworld airlines besides Qantas, and not include any non-oneworld airlines.
  • Up to 16 segments of travel are allowed, including transits under 24 hours and surface segments (where you make your own way between two cities by alternative transport).
  • You can have up to five stopovers (where you stop for more than 24 hours – these are the main cities you wish to visit).
  • You can only stopover in each city once and transit through each city twice on one booking.
  • After your first flight, you have 12 months to complete the whole itinerary.
  • You can travel up to 35,000 miles all up, including surface sectors and transits.
  • You may finish your itinerary in a different city to the one you started from, but the distance between the two cities will be taken into account in the final distance calculation (i.e. as a surface sector).
  • The whole itinerary will be priced based on the highest cabin in the whole itinerary.

I think the problem is that you have broken the 4th rule - you have stopped over in Helsinki TWICE when you are only permitted to do so once.