Why is my Accor ALL point balance so low after 58 nights stay?


My partner stayed in the Mantra (Accor) for 58 nights total (22 in 2019 and 36 in 2020).

And for some reason, she only got 5733 points, which seems very low.

Also, she is now gold status, stating only 36 nights (60 for platinum) instead of the 58 that is recorded.

In addition, I think the entire stay was about 16,000 AUD, that should qualify her for a higher status.

Anyone got an idea? Sent email to Accor but no response yet.


Quick question. Was the stay booked directly with Accor or via a third party booking website? The latter usually don’t earn you points (especially when you pay in advance via these 3rd parties).

Tbh - I don’t know. It was booked via her workplace. But my logic tells me it should be either NIL or full amount, no?

Usually, if booked via work and if it is a medium-large firm, they usually have a travel agency that looks after their travel bookings (e.g. Corporate Traveller, Flight Centre).

I would hazzard a guess that it was booked via a third party.

The small amount of points might be related to hotel incidentals (food, laundry, etc.)

I’m sure Accor agents will be able to explain if the account point statements/activity page doesn’t already tell you the info.

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Give them a call, if you want a more timely response. Might be harder as they would want your partner to call as the acct is in her name.

Also, hotel programs tend to reset by calendar year so the 36night stay looks right to me.

The point earn is quite low, I agree. Definitely higher, if booked directly with hotel.


Mantra is not yet integrated into the Accor loyalty program (certainly wasn’t in 2019), so no points would be earnt for stays at those properties.

I found this page via Google.

Is says the earn rate is dependant on the hotel brand.

For Mantra:
Earn rate is 10 pts per €10 spent for Gold members and 15 pts per €10 spent for Classic members.

Some research indicates that Accor points only applied to Mantra properties from Nov 2019

Mantra is a part of Accor “ALL” program. When she checked in they had some Accor items and ad for ALL.

She did get some points for room service etc, but it won’t be the 5000~ she got now, you can see it is separated. I guess we can only call them as it is very strange I’d say…

I think there is a very simple answer - you MUST always book using the Accor website.
Using any other method usually excludes Accor benefits and point accruals.
Hope this helps!