Why is Emirates Dubai to Brisbane no longer showing under Qantas Classic Rewards flights after 1 Apr 2025?

Direct flight from Dubai to Brisbane is redeemable on Classic Rewards up to 31 March 2025. However from 1 April onwards there are no options to book direct flights. This is despite the fact that direct flights to Sydney for the same dates through Emirates can be booked via CR.

The flight is still running during April according to Emirates. Just not redeemable through Qantas.

Is anyone aware of why it has ceased?

Hi @shannonbryce,
Welcome to the community. I think it just has to do with the schedule that they release reward seats across their network etc… Based on recent press releases from Emirates they are definitely not cutting back, but rather increasing their flights to and from Australian cities in late 2024 - including Brisbane.

Give it some time and check back regularly for additional reward seats as they’re added. It can sometimes be a game of patience in situations like this.
All the best!

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