Why does this error appear when doing a Qantas multi-city search?

I have been building itinerary for oneworld RTW Classic Reward flight but stumble each time with when looking for flights from AUE.

I have spoken to Qantas about it and was told to keep trying - I have been doing so endlessly for 2 weeks.

Anyone had similar issue?

Thanks in advance

Sorry but what airport is AUE? It might help if you provide an example itinerary or some idea as to what cities/countries you are trying to get to/from.

Some ports just doesn’t work via website (e.g. starting your itinerary with Doha (DOH). More often than not, limited or no award space is causing no flight options to show. Qatar and Emirates have been blocking premium cabin award space to Qantas members in recent months (anecdotal info).

Calling Qantas in recent times will no doubt yield a mixed user experience. Unless you have Qantas status or some how get lucky and speak to someone from the Hobart office, you will most likely struggle to get useful help for even the simplest request/enquiry.

I’ve noticed that you have been posting a few post on similar topics recently. Have you updated your intended itinerary since?

Thanks w.hiew, Senior moment with AUE :slight_smile: Meaning UAE and experiences are with Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I read recently of the issues with Qatar as you’ve described. I am a few weeks away from having dates (that I’m seeking) available, so I am doing some preparatory searching just so I am ready. I appreciate your advice which I believe is spot on. Thanks again