Why does my Qantas Business Class flights cost so much when I try to use points?

I am a little confused as to how to find more reasonable costs when wanting to pay with qantas points. For example, I am trying to book a single one way business class ticket from Brisbane to Tokyo early December 2020 and the average price is apparently 700,000 points… There are plenty of articles discussing a business class ticket costing around 100,000 points for this type of flight. What am I doing wrong?

Hi there. Welcome.

The point costs you see is not a reward seat, a crude explanation of this is using points with a fix rate value of $ to pay for the retail price $ of a business class ticket, hence the high point costs. From memory, it is a low value like ~0.6-0.7 cents per point.

What you want to aim for are Classic Reward seats. These are limited for obvious reasons.

Depending on what Qantas status you have, as Bronze or Silver members, you generally see business/first class seats ~2 months later than gold status and above so you have to get in early where possible and be flexible with dates to increase your chances to find seats.

Hope that helps.


Now it all makes sense. Thanks for the clarification