Why does it error out when booking a multi trip Qantas classic reward itinerary?

Tried booking with points Melb to lax, lax to Orlando return on multi trip so I can pick own flights. Using qantas and AA only. Error comes up. Qantas tell me no one can book multi trip using points. If I try first leg only Mel to lax and lax to Orlando it works. Rang qantas who advised the flights I want on either legs are not available even though I can book the first leg myself.
Two questions what’s up with error on multi trip.
Why does qantas say seats not available when I can book them using multi trip (1 leg only)

You need to cross check reward flight availability using the standard/normal website. This will show you which flights have rewards seats available - then use this knowledge to book the same legs using the multi-leg engine. The reason it fails is because it’s showing all possible flight combinations - even those with no reward flight seats available. It can be a fine art of patience and determination to navigate these issues - and it’s getting worse. The biggest pain is that the multi-leg process will let you go all the way through to the last step before it throws the error. Extremely frustrating. I have no idea why Qantas doesn’t fix this once and for all. It’s only happened post covid, that I’ve seen. All my reward bookings prior to covid always went through. However now it fails more often than not - I’ve booked 5 multi-leg trips for myself and family members since early 2022 and only 1 had no issues. Some even had up to 7 legs. Most times rechecking availability on the normal site allows me to see and work around flights - usually it’s only 1 leg of the itinerary that is the issue - and then the booking will go though successfully.

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Thanks jenart Really excellent advice. Wishing all the best with your travels.

Thanks for the advice however I have checked all legs under the usual method and even though it says it’s available it will not work with multi trip.
I also donot understand why the QF website says flights are available but when I ring they say there are no flights.

I have had this happen too… I then phone up Qantas and tell them I can see the flight right now. They do something their end and it allows the booking to then go through. Could be worth a try.

The multi city search is so buggy for me lately. I’ll try to look at, or change something, and then it’ll kick me back to the multi city details with errors and I give up.

I think they’re purposely making their redemption pages so buggy that people never use their points.