Why does Aeroplan award chart shows point costs in ranges for Air Canada flights?

I’ve been looking at Aeroplan’s Bonus Points offer to work out if it’s worth buying points. I fly Brisbane - Vancouver return every year and looked at Air Canada’s reward site to establish how many points would be needed for this flight in business class. Unfortunately it states 105,000 - 250,000 points one way. Is anyone able to enlighten me why there’s such a big discrepancy? At the lower figure it would be a saving on business fares to buy points but not at the higher figure.

I had a look and it appears that the range of point costs is to cover off peak and on peak costs. It’s a form of dynamic pricing, which usually means if the cash fare is high, the award point costs is high.

Apparently, the recommended strategy is to be flexible with dates and routes, book earlier and keep checking for better pricing.

Thanks w.hiew.
To top up my points to the cheaper option would cost $2800CAD which is significantly less than the higher option ($8400CAD) which is basically a full price fare. All I have to do is work out when is peak/off peak season. I’m never too sure whether the summer or the snow is the most popular :thinking:

I see now that summer is peak season. That’s usually when I go so I avoid Australia’s winter and get two summers. Maybe I’ll have to get a bit more adventurous!!
Thanks again w.hiew

Yes, I would have suggested to do some test searches of the following 12 mths to have a bit of an idea.

The other option is to consider partner airline routes as it seems to be a fixed point costs.

Not a direct route but might be better option if you want a fixed cost.

Thanks again for your comments/advice, w.hiew

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