Why couldn’t I book all of my reward flights on one booking?

I booked a mix of first class/business over 4 legs:
Sydney-Tokyo (Japan Airways)
Tokyo-Frankfurt (Japan Airways)
Amsterdam-Bangalore (British Airways)
Bangalore-Sydney (Qantas)

Using the Qantas multi-city tool, I could see the flights but got an error when booking. After calling Qantas (it took me 3 goes to get an agent that knew what to do), the agent explained she could book the flights as 4x seperate bookings.

Does anyone know why I couldn’t have one booking? I wanted them on one booking so I could try add other legs and stay within the cap for the RTW Ticket… I’m going to try their customer support to see if they can combine the flights.

It’s unfortunate to hear about your poor experience. However, I can’t say I am surprised. A majority of Qantas call centre agents aren’t well-trained enough for the moderately complex cases. If you are fortunate enough to get an Australian call centre, you should have a far more competent agent and smoother experience.

I don’t see any obvious issues with your 4 flights. Not sure why the website doesn’t allow you to book it. The website is so error prone that it’s not funny.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they will allow the combining of separate PNR into a RTW itinerary. Good luck with the request. I hope I’m wrong.

If it was me, I may have booked the first two JAL flights on the website then ring up to add flights to the same itinerary. May be you have tried to but it didn’t work for you.

Edited: it could be the mixed first/business throwing the system off too.

Well, I’ve contacted them. I’ve also asked for a refund of the difference between the quoted $AUD price online and what I paid over the phone (Online said $1970.16, over the phone I had to pay $2801.96).

See how I go…