Why can't you book Hawaiian Airlines via the Virgin Australia/Velocity website?

Hoping to fly to mainland USA with a stop over in Hawaii using Hawaiian airlines / velocity. It seems that you have to call up to make the booking which seems so impractical to know the availability. Does anyone know why its not available through the Velocity search tool? or if it may come online at some point? Anyone had success booking it over the phone ?

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They have had the partnership for a long time - but perhaps not deep enough of one to warrant actually integrating the technology on both sides to allow for award searches on the website.
Maye now that they are saying they might deepen their relationship this will happen.
Had some friends booked Hawaiian so it is real!

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Makes sense, i’ll try and call them and see about the options. I have just heard it’s a great option to fly with kids as you can do customs in Honolulu and break up the flight there/back.

Thanks for your insights :slight_smile:

The stress of customs will definitely get a bit easier if you pad out your time at Honolulu. But Honolulu might not be the best airport to keep kids occupied. For one, there is a majority of the airport that is open-aired, and depending on the weather, that can be really good or really bad. The lounge situation isn’t great and the shopping isn’t that good either. It definitely isn’t Singapore - although, it ain’t that much worse than your average US airport.