Why can't I find Qantas business class award seats to Europe?

Hi there - I have been trying to look for reward seats (Business) for Brisbane to europe for April next year. Seems nothing available? I have around 190000 QFF points so I was hoping to atleast score a one-way Business reward seat to europe. Is that realistic? any tips? I am flexible with airlines so happy to fly qatar, emirates qantas whatever. Thanks!

Going to Europe is one of the most in demand routes for points redemptions so its natural for there to be few options. One seat should be doable if you keep your eyes peeled and consider a range of different departure cities (i.e. not just Brisbane, but Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, etc.).
I like using the multi-city tool on the Qantas website to see availability for a whole month at a time which, if you are flexible, will make finding that coveted seat so much easier.


Thanks a lot @djtech for your prompt response. I am looking at going in April/May 2023 so hopefully its still doable or have I missed the boat? Will try looking through the multi-city tool as per your suggestion and hopefully will find something

All this is very new to me so searching for options is a bit overwhelming…hopefully will get the hang of it soon :slight_smile:

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Well you missed the first round of award seat releases at the opening of the calendar but there will be more opportunities for seats to be made available later as some key OneWorld partners increase their frequencies. One of the ones I’m looking out for is Cathay Pacific. As soon as Hong Kong loosens its restrictions, you can bet there will be a sudden increase in flights between Hong Kong and Australia and Europe so there’s more options then between Australia and Europe. So, definitely still a chance there!


ok great…will keep an eye out. Thanks!