Why can't I find any Qatar Business Class seats from Doha to Australia?

I really want to fly Qatar Q Suite from Italy - Australia in July next year (arrival airport immaterial but preferably Sydney). But I can’t find ANY Qatar business class from Doha - Sydney (regardless of whatever date entered). I’ve tried entering it as a single search Milan-Sydney, and also used multi-city Milan-Doha then Doha-Sydney. Plenty of availability Milan - Doha, but regardless of whatever date I enter I can’t find ANY Qatar business class Doha - Sydney. Anyone know why? Help appreciated.

Hi @graham

From reading your post I’m not sure if you’re looking for paid tickets, or reward tickets.

I have no inside information but my guess is that the issue has something to do with the restrictions on passenger numbers on incoming flights. Into Sydney, the maximum number of passengers on each incoming international flight is currently 50; that number is about to go down to 30. Possibly Qatar is limiting the number of seats available until the situation for next July is clearer?

And it goes without saying that if you’re looking for reward seats using frequent flyer points, Qatar wouldn’t be making those available at all: with so few seats available, the airline couldn’t afford to allocate them to non-paying passengers.

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Thanks. That makes sense of it.

I’m afraid I can’t answer the question of why there are so few seats available but I can reassure you that it’s common problem. I’ve never been able to find seats on DOH-MEL.
Have you tried Award Nexus or similar? Or have a look 1 year in advance. Last Christmas, I noticed some AMS-CPT via DOH that were available via the QF website a day BEFORE they were due to be released. Can’t remember the exact offset but it was 360 or 364 days in advance.
Good luck.