Why can't I find 5 award seats via Velocity website?

I am trying to book flights to Europe with virgin redemption. We are a family of 5.
Every destination I search for has NO availability (paid or points!!) for 5 people, but heaps of options for 4 people.
Is this a bug?

eg. MEl–>FCO or MEL–>CDG MEL–> FRA 1/6/20-28/6/20

entire 7x7 grid is unavailable, and this persists If i change weeks too.

Do I need to call them for this many people? seems odd.


Unfortunately, on a lot of airline programs, you will get anywhere from 1-4 award seats on their premium cabins. There are some that allows more but uncommon. Singapore Airlines release about 4 business class seats quite consistently to Krisflyer members. So you may have to split the travel party to 2 flights or pay for the fifth person. Alternatively, redeem for the 4 pax and hope and pray that they release more seats (best to have a backup plan).

You could also check via Krisflyer, how many seats you can get. If Krisflyer only sees 4, you would be fortunate to get 4 via Velocity.