Why can't I enter my Velocity Frequent Flyer details on Singapore Airlines flights?

Hello there - I am flying Singapore Airlines this weekend and have a Gold Velocity status.

While checking-in for my flights, I am unable to input my Velocity FF details - it only gives me the option to put in Krisflyer? Is that a new thing? as I know previously (even in April 2022) I was able to put in my velocity details?

And would that mean I cant access the Singapore Airlines lounges while travelling? That really sucks if true :frowning:

For lounge access, you have the check-in counter and the lounge front desk as options to include/change your frequent flyer details.

Thanks @w.hiew … yes thats an option. but not sure why the singapore airlines website doesnt give me the option to add in the velocity FF at the time of online check-in. anyhow will see how I go at the airport tmrw. Thanks!

I have a flight with them in a week or so and I had the same problem. I just called up and the agent changed it for me in a few minutes.

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thanks @djtech - so you called up the Singapore Airlines OR Krisflyer?

I think I called up Singapore Airlines. It’s the number they tell you to call if you can’t manage your booking online.