Why can't I book / find QF Classic Rewards Business flights from London to Sydney?

Hi guys - I’m looking a 353-365 days in advance but it’s only offering me AA or JL economy flights or non-Classic Reward QF flights for over a million points. Any tips / thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

QF have stopped releasing premium cabin reward seats right as the calendar opens for quite some time. They like to do random “drops” like the one we’ve seen around a week or so ago where people managed to get quite a few seats. So either pay attention to that, or regularly check for premium cabin awards on partner airlines.

You can also expand your ‘net’ by considering departure from other nearby European cities like Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Helsinki etc.

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Actually, as I just had a Quick Look, I found a business reward seat from London to Sydney on JAL via Tokyo on the 29th of October. I would get on it!!

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Thanks - this is really helpful. Is there any pattern to when Qantas releases those seats or is it literally just a matter of keeping your eyes open for the drop and then booking as soon as that happens?

Where have you gone to search and find this fare?

Ahh right! I should have mentioned. You can’t search this far out on the main website. You need to go to the multi-city booking website here:

Then you should check the flexible dates option so you can pop into the calendar view that shows the award space beyond what they would allow you to select on the initial view.
This is a decently big secret!

There isn’t any rhyme or reason. I’m anticipating a few more drops in the future though. Generally they do this to ‘build up some good will’ especially with their reputation been through the mud recently.