Why are there no Emirates Reward seats available for Dubai to Australia for Jan 2020 using Qantas Points?

I am looking to book Reward seats from Europe back to Australia in Jan 2020 and am having no luck whatsoever in getting access to Emirates reward seats from Dubai to Australia (plenty of seats available from Munich to Dubai).

There are a heap showing up as available in Dec 2019, but none past 1 Jan 2020 (hasn’t changed for days). I am Qantas Platinum, so should be well within the 330 day period for general release of reward seats. Does anyone know if there is a change from Emirates in releasing seats from 2020? Any other advice? Looking for 4 Business Class seats.


As there are no other response from other. I thought I would try to touch base and see whether I can help in any way.

Have you had any luck since then? I could see at least 1 seat on 31 Jan. But you were looking for 4 seats.

It could be something to do with Dec and Jan being peak travel periods too. As there are plenty of seats in February.

I had a similar observation for Dubai to Male for mid Dec till end of Dec last year.

It could be something to do with Emirates holding back award space because they have stronger indication that they may sell the seats.