Why are there no availability for Krisflyer award flight when searched?

Hi all, Does anyone have a tip for finding krisflyer saver rewards flights in business class? I’m finding nothing over about 60 different dates all the way up to late Dec 23.
I have no status but 300000 points to use before February.
Any help gratefully received.


Some additional details on route(s) that you have been searching for would be helpful for us to assist in or comment on. Are you looking for 2 or more seats?

If your KF miles are expiring in Feb 2023, they should have one more final mile expiry extension. See 3rd dropdown section in link https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/ppsclub-krisflyer/latestnews/2020renewal-kf/#:~:text=Are%20my%20KrisFlyer%20miles%20eligible,a%20final%206-month%20extension.

Thanks. I’m looking for RTW but not too fussy except I need either uk or France in the mix. So I’ve been looking for one ways Syd to lhr or cdg - nothing. Syd to Japan nothing. Just one person. Business class. Lax, Singapore, Vancouver, Istanbul all thing. Neither Singapore airlines or star alliance. There’s plenty of waitlist but literally no saver.

I played around with dates and cities towards the end of the calendar (Dec 2023). Looks like the bottleneck is from Sydney to Singapore. Have a look at other cities (I don’t want to make it too obvious). You should be able to find some availability from other cities. It’s annoying having to book a separate positioning flight from Sydney but it looks like most award seats from the major cities have been snapped up.

Once you are out of Australia, award availability shouldn’t be as bad.

Thanks :pray:
I’ll give that a go.