Why are there little or no Emirates and Qatar reward flights available via Qantas?

Trying to search for business reward seats for my in-laws who are very flexible with dates and departure/arrival points, but having absolutely no luck. They are trying to get to Europe anywhere from May to September and start/end their reward flight in Asia. I’ve noticed there are little or no Qantas reward seats with Qatar or Emirates… is this because they are all booked out or are they still yet to be released?

Emirates seems to be releasing very few seats. Speculation is that they can sell the seats for cash so they don’t need to make many reward seats available.

Qatar seems to have moved a lot of reward seats away from Qantas and into Velocity as a result of a new commercial agreement. If you have Velocity points you should have much better luck using those to get some Qatar reward seats.

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I’m not sure if you are firm on flying the Middle Eastern airlines, but here is an example of options with Qantas’ other partners - Japan Airlines is always a favourite amongst the frequent flyer community.

Have a look if the below suits you.

22/05 - JL45 - Tokyo Haneda to Paris (CDG)
27/09 - JL42 - London to Tokyo Haneda

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