Why are Qantas calculator point costs so different versus actual points costs?

Hi when I use the Qantas FF points calculator it quotes me some 366 thousand points for a return business Sydney to Rome flight. However, when I try and book it, it wants to charge over a million points. Am I doing something wrong.

Also do I need to be searching the Qantas FF site to search for partner airlines?

I have travelled business to Europe this way previously but I’m finding it so hard atm.


You need to look for Classic Reward seats which is marked with a picture of a ribbon. Refer to the screenshot. Classic Reward seats to Europe are hard to come by so you will not see many of them.

To avoid complaints of there not being enough seats for you to use your points on, Qantas lets you use your points for any available seat but all they do is convert the cash fare to a points fare which as you have seen costs over a million points.

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Thank you so much, I finally understand.