Why are AMEX Travel prices cheaper when logged in?

Does anyone know why this might be? I currently don’t have an AMEX as I have closed it but my friend does and when we looked at the same flights there is almost 50% difference?

Without knowing the exact mechanics of what is going on, I thought I would share my thoughts on this.

Amex Travel is similar to other OTA (Online Travel Agent) like Expedia, Orbitz (not sure whether they are the same as they seem to gobble up each other relatively frequently).

Different OTA would have different offers for the same flight/hotel. I assume sometimes there would be cheaper prices offered for Amex members on Amex Travel? Not surprising to me.

However, the general impression I have gotten (and many friends agree too) is that Amex Travel prices are generally slightly more expensive than via other sources.

There are always exceptions - the odd nugget of good value when it is cheaper then booking direct. Domestic flights are generally the same price.

Pricing can be quite dynamic and complex as well - what device you are using, IP address, etc. I have heard that Apple devices getting higher prices (not sure whether this is more myth than fact) and clearing cache on browser helps.

As painful as it is, you could in this case book via your friend’s interface and pay using your card (if possible) or reimburse your friend. 50% difference may make it worth your while.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply to this. After reviewing the flights (which I thought I did over and over)… it was actually across two different dates. Man I feel like a dud :sweat_smile:

Haha. That happens to the best of us. I have booked the wrong dates before too - and it was a no cancellation booking. You live and you learn.