Who is the relevant authority to complain against an international airline in Australia?

We have been affected by stopping flight EK432 between Brisbane and Singapore from 30 March 2020. We have a ticket in April that on the way back to Australia we have a compulsory stopover of near 12 hours just because this flight was cut. We always used to take flight EK432 at 21:15 on the way back to Australia in order to avoid such long stopover so that we didn’t have to wait in Dubai airport till 2:30am next day to take the direct flight to Brisbane,

This is an inconvenience caused by Emirates to us as a frequent traveler and one of us as a sliver member.

Hence we asked for complimentary accommodation (hotel) during these 12 hours. Emirates formally refused that. (we are not eligible for Dubai Connect as well since a leg of flight is by flydubia)

Now I am seeking advice from you guys, is there any external authority(ies) that we can make complain?

This stoppage was approved by “Singapore Competition Watchdog” and “Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS)” and they approved it because they think no one was affected, we are a good example of this affect , is CCCS the right organisation to talk to ?

Also here in Australia can we make formal complaint to “ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)”,or any relevant Omudsman?

Please help us,

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I think the best course of action here is to see if there is an alternative routing available to you. These authorities are going to do much more than fine the airline and force them to give you compensation or something along those lines. Plus, they will take a long time to process what is a relatively ‘minor’ issue in the grand scheme of things, probably not before your flight.

Thanks a lot mate, we have already booked the flight though, do you know any authority or organisation that have some power against international airlines? I have been advised that the Australian Consumer Law does not cover international airlines. I ma not sure whom to compliant to if something wrong with international airline here in Australia!

any ideas? anyone knows who is the right organisation to complaint to regarding international airline flying to Australia?

Personally, I’m not exactly sure of the jurastiction of a Australian body over international airlines’ decision to remove low performing routes.

The carrier’s primary responsibility is to get you from A to B safely. We can whinge and moan about bad service, terrible food or the first class menu. At the end of the day, getting to the destination in one piece is of the upmost important to most passengers.

Try and imagine 5-10 years from now, whether you would remember this inconvenience.

It could be my passive nature but I would personally cut my losses and move on to fry bigger fish.

Sorry, it must be way past bed time for me. Please excuse my rant.


First world problem. Move on.

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Well said, not sure what OP is trying to achieve?

doubleplatinum : not sure why you are commenting without even properly reading my post, as I said we asked for accommodation for a 12 hr stopover and we got rejected , how you ever been wandering around for 12 hours till 2:30am next day in an airport?

I just simple asked who would be the right authority to complain to if we have any complain against an international airline like Emirates, I am not sure why people start judging me instead of simply helping me!

mboostani There’s no such thing as an “international” body to complain to. You’ve taken the only course available to you which was to take it up with the airline.

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Maybe look into options like transit hotel, purchasing a lounge pass or venturing outside the airport?

Not ideal but when life serves you lemon…

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There is no obligation for the airline to provide a hotel, why would there be? So that’s why I commented that I wasn’t sure what you were trying to achieve, i.e. complaining to an independent body about not receiving something you never were entitled to?