Who has the final say Velocity or Capital Airlines when claiming Velocity status credits?

Hi, I was hoping for some seasoned advice and knowledge please,

My partner and I recently flew with Beijing Capital Airlines to China and back with the assumption we would received points & status credits given Capital are a Velocity Partner Airline.

Velocity have twice marked our claim as denied saying it is up to Capital Airlines as to whether or not our flights are eligible and Capital have denied our requests both times (for the same flights, yes I reapplied)

I emailed Capital Airlines to ask why, they replied directly stating “When flying with Beijing Capital Airlines it is not possible to accumulate points in the Virgin Velocity Program”. They haven’t mentioned why and no-one I have spoken to at Velocity are aware of any end in partnership.

We flew the correct Velocity website advertised fair class Z there and N back, flew the correct JD flights, added our membership number at booking and showed our membership cards at check in, not that they were interested in them in Qingdao.

We were denied priority check and boarding in China (Gold and Silver) which didn’t worry us, but I am annoyed and don’t understand why we aren’t eligible for the 240 Status credits and the numerous points.

Has anyone else been advised they should have contacted the partner airline prior to flying to check their eligibility in redeeming credits prior to booking with said partner airline?


I reckon the ball is in Velocity’s court.

Did you direct or quote this webpage? Capital Airlines Partner | Earn & redeem Points | Velocity Frequent Flyer

It clearly outlines that you will earn points and status points as long as the criteria is met.

I’d ring and escalate to a supervisor.

You could try messaging them on social media too.

Thank you for you thoughts, I think Velocity’s court too, how do I get them to honour the credits?

Velocity directed me to the page you’ve suggested and told me to read the terms and conditions section down the bottom:

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Earn rates are correct as at 8 May 2019 and are subject to change. Flights are governed by the operating carrier’s terms and conditions, which can be viewed on the operating carrier’s websites.

I have been on the Capital Airlines website and see no mention of Velocity Credits or Virgin Australia. Capital Airlines also have no office in Aust to phone to follow up.

Twice escalate to supervisors (apparently) and twice denied with no reason. I would like to speak to a supervisor but not yet that fortunate.

I did pop a comment on the Velocity Frequent Flyer fb page a post they made 6 Jan where they claim redeeming lost points is Easy Peasy. Their reply to my comment was “We’re sorry for any disappointment caused”. The odd thing is and I did state it all in an email, all the criteria was met as per their website but they still said it needed to be approved by Capital Airlines.

I booked with Capital Air because they were a partner specifically for the credits and points.

Im not ready to give in yet.

Sounds like a load of baloney. Not sure how best to tackle this when its showing on their website.

Good luck. All the best and keep us posted.