Who can you book Qantas Frequent Flyer reward flights for?

Does Qantas allow you to book anyone (friends included) on a frequent flyer bought ticket, or is it famiy members only?

Also, can you give Qantas points to friends, or again is it direct family only? I have a friend who is 20k short for an International Business class airfare and I’d like to help him out, but am worried about dramas…

You can only book flights and transfer points to family members. There is a whole list of eligible family members such as, father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, grandparents, cousins, step family members, wife, partner, in-laws, etc.

Based on T&C, you may be reprimanded if your account is flagged. I have heard of accounts being frozen. However, you may be lucky if it is a once off occurrence. Do at your own risk.

Ok, understand. Thank you.