Which would you choose - British Airways A380 vs Iberia A350 business class?


I have the option of two flight (business class)

  • BA a380 flying LHR - Miami
  • Iberia a350 flying Madrid - Mexico City

Both of the above flights will need an extra connection to my final destination of Cancun.

Which business seat would you choose?


I’ve never been on either but based on my quick skim on these two articles, I’m in two minds about both options. The BA cabin seems rather crowded in a 2-3-2 and 2-4-2 seat configuration and is a slightly older but functional design. BA also has the alternating front and back facing seats which is novel or strange

Iberia seems to have 3 different A350 configurations but they seem to be all in 1-2-1 seat configurations - which is a bit more standard (modern).

With no clear winner, I’ll probably go with the one with the better connection/flight time or just try something you’ve never tried before, e.g. BA for it’s novelty.

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