Which status is more valuable/useful out of KrisFlyer Gold and Velocity Platinum?

Hello Frequent Flyers,
I currently have Platinum status with Velocity but need another 100 or so points to maintain by April. I have also just attained Kris Flyer Gold status.
My question is, should I let the Velocity Platinum status lapse to Gold, or should I still maintain it. Are there benefits in having status in both programs? I do travel a fair amount domestically and also internationally, but it is becoming more inconsistent.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi @Larkey

Velocity Platinum is nice, but TBH I don’t think it’s worth going to the extra effort to maintain it. If you’re particularly tall then Platinum might be worth it for the free extra-legroom seats on Virgin flights, but otherwise Gold is fine.

Particularly if you fly internationally, having KrisFlyer/Star Alliance Gold is a very nice perk because it gives you access to Star Alliance lounges around the world and other goodies. I would put more effort into maintaining your KrisFlyer status than your Velocity status. Having said that, Velocity Gold status is relatively easy to maintain. But if you have KrisFlyer Gold you’ll have most of the benefits of Velocity Gold anyway.

The bottom line: status in both programmes is nice, but not essential in my opinion.

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