Which Star Alliance airline program should I use to credit my flights to accumulate status?

Hi, I’ve been a lurker for years and I’ve searched high and low here and with google and hope you can help.

I fly 2-3 times a year from BNE to turkey (IST-ADB) and portugal through either Singapore, Abu Dhabi or bangkok airports. Its for work and many times is last minute, so I’m put on whatever seat/flight so unfortunately I can’t request the airline.

I have my domestic and some Etihad flights accumulating on Virgin (silver).

As virgin is not a member of star alliance, I can’t credit my turkish airlines flights anywhere useful.As they have the monopoly in Turkey, I have to fly with them from asia into IST then onto ADB. If I fly through BKK (Thai Air) I also cant credit anything useful back into velocity for status credits.

My question is, apart from Virgin, where should I direct these points? Last trip I opened Kris flyer miles so I could eventually transfer them to velocity but I think there may be a smarter move going forward? Obviously Turkish airlines would be the obvious choice as it’s easier to get gold status than some of the others, or, is there any way I can direct them back to Virgin?

I’m not really interested in redeeming points, I just want to up my status so with long haul flights I can utilize some lounges as an economy flyer.

I also fly to Porto, Portugal on some trips out of IST on which I fly TAP.

I’d love to know what you think?


With my ANZ black credit card I get access to various lounges in many major cities - maybe not as nice as the Qantas lounges, but well worth while.

I would stick to krisflyer. You will be Star alliance gold within a year and you will have lounge access moving forward when you fly any star alliance airline.

As you travel last minute you could also try using your points to score last minute upgrades (depending on which type of economy ticket work buys you).

you can manually transfer from krisflyer to velocity if you wish, however this will only be the points not status.


go with a card that gives you access to the superior priority pass network.

the ANZ black is part of the veloce network, which is craptastic when compared to the priority pass network.

You can either signup to priority pass directly yourself, a few credit cards will give you free membership and a couple of free entries per year and then US$27/person afterwards or some of the very high end AMEX cards will give you unlimited entries.