Which Singapore Airlines First Class product should I be going for?

Hi All,

So my wife and I are lucky enough to to have enough Krisflyer points to fly to Europe from Australia First Class. Here is my question;

Should we just fly from Melbourne and fly to Singapore on the 777-300ER and then into an A380 (most likely the older fitout) from Singapore to London/Paris or should we pay for a domestic flight to Sydney so our entire journey can be on the A380 Suites?

Thanks in advance for any responses :slight_smile:

I would suggest searching for first class space between Australia and Europe first because the Suites are incredibly hard to redeem for. You’ll need all the flexibility you’d get from departing either Melbourne or Sydney.

It’s really not a matter of ‘should’ but a matter of ‘could’. Could you actually redeem your points to fly in First Class all the way to Europe? It’s very tough but doable.

Hi Djtech, really appreciate the quick response. I’ve managed to find availability for an A380 to Europe from Melbourne so just wondering which of the two first class products is better and if it’s worth traveling up to Sydney so I can go all the way to Europe on the A380.

I assume you are asking about the experience on the 777 from Melbourne to Singapore. Their 777 first class is more like a larger business class seat with the soft products you’d expect in first. Certainly less ‘wow!’ than the a380 but I guess it just builds up the excitement to the REAL first class on the a380 doesn’t it?

That is very true - however maybe it’s worth the trip to Sydney for the double A380 experience by the sounds of it?!

If you can find availability on the Sydney flights, by all means go for it!

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Absolutely no brainer- pay to fly to Sydney and fly suites!

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The old suites are more enjoyable than the new ones. It’s hard to find saver availability in the new cabin with 6 suites