Which rewards program offers the best value for flight redemption?

Hey, thought I’d find the info here but maybe I missed it.
I’m mainly a QFF user but recently rejoined Flybuys (for the odd Coles shop) and have Velocity on the side.
With QFF points getting harder to earn through credit cards, I’m wondering which of the 3 reward programs offers the best value for money regarding redemption (particularly flights)?
Considering the Amex Ultimate card but want to make sure that’s the optimum points earner before committing :slight_smile:


Hi ruzamada,

Personally speaking, I prefer Asia Miles, Krisflyer, Qantas and Velocity. These are covered in more detail under the “guide” menu up the top of this page.

Another way to figure this out is check on awardace.com on routes that you are likely to fly and how much it costs to redeem these routes. e.g. you want to strike a balance between ease of earn and low cost of redemption. No point earning points in a FF program that is very easy to earn but costs millions to redeem 1 seat.

For obvious reasons, I still think Qantas and Velocity points are easiest to earn in Australia. Hence, gets very popular and increasing competition for the same limited amount of award seats.