Which Qantas partner airlines offer the highest Qantas Status Credit earn?

I am flying to New York from Europe and have a choice between American Airlines, BA of Finnair. Most likely on Business Class. Which of these airlines earns the most Status Credits on Qantas or will they all be the same?

Qantas updated their status & point calculator last year which makes it very easy to see the status points & qantas points you earn on various carriers. Visit https://www.qantas.com/fflyer/do/dyns/initialPointsEarned

Not airlines are equal in terms of points and status credits in QF eyes. As you can see by following link;\r\nhttps://www.qantas.com/fflyer/dyn/flying/airline-earning#aa\r\nthat AA seems to be the partner to go with as they classify most of their economy classes as regular economy. Finnair would be next then BA are pretty much all classified as discount economy. Business/First levels seems to be equal. This is based on points earned as well as status credits given. Hope this helps.

Thats great! thanks for this. Yes you are right about not all airlines are equal. I recently caught a flight from Syd to KL on business class with Malaysia airlines. It came out as flexible economy status points with no point bonus. (ie only 4000 pts even with platinum). Checked with the calculator and it is indeed correct:(