Which Qantas flight would I have better chance of getting upgrade request approved - A380 at a business friendly time vs A330 at a less business friendly time?

I was wondering if I have a better chance of having an upgrade request approved on a big A380 at a business friendly travel time vs a smaller A330 at a less business friendly time. Both flights are same fare type and cost just wasn’t sure if I was better to pick the smaller plane at less convenient time as it’s less likely to have as many travellers on business.
I’ve recently dropped back to gold from platinum so probably I’m unlikely to get the upgrade anyway!
Thanks, Em

Hey Em,

Hard to say really.  Some other things to consider…

What day of the week are you travelling?  Tuesdays are a good day for upgrades in my experience.

Are you travelling by yourself?  As its much easier to upgrade 1 person that a group of 2 or more.

Last year i got upgraded to Business on all four legs of SYD - LHR with QF Silver.  I did have a premium economy ticket so on an A380 those get processed first before a economy ticket.

Statistically, you’d have more chance of any upgrade on an A380 when you compare the ratio of Business seats to Economy, but ticket class and airline status also come into play.

Good luck!

Thanks yes travelling by myself on a Tuesday actually so fingers crossed