Which program should I credit Thai and Cathay Pacific flights to?

Hi all. I have a work trip coming up to South Korea and they have booked Thai Airways on the way over and then Cathay Pacific on the way home. I usually fly domestically with Virgin and so have Gold status with Virgin and only Red with Qantas. I have noticed that Cathay have an alliance with Qantas so I could claim my points there and after some research thought maybe the best idea would be to sign up with Krisflyer for the Thai flights and then transfer my points over to Velocity… What do you think would be the best way to maximise these flights given my current frequent flyer programs? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Check out wheretocredit.com too for your two flights.


If you plan to concentrate on Velocity and Qantas, your thinking above is quite sound.

If you credit to a new FF program, you have to have plans use the points or status from the program otherwise its best to consolidate.

Good luck.