Which program should I credit Qatar Airways flights to?

Hi All,

Looking for some advice for an upcoming booking I have with Qatar having taken advantage of one of their ridiculously cheap fares from Cairo.

I’ll be travelling Cairo-Doha-Philadelphia (CAI-DOH-PHL) return in Business Class (well First Class from CAI-DOH roundtrip and then Business Class from DOH-PHL roundtrip).

Just doing the sums as to where to credit and have the following three options - bearing in mind I’m airline staff, so probably want to maximise mile value rather than status.

  • I’m Qantas Frequent Flyer Bronze with about 240K points. So that would add up to:
    30,080 points and 620 SC which would get me close to gold in one go, however still requiring 4 QF legs to qualify. Nice little point haul and close to Gold, but I only fly QF as staff and as such can’t justify those flights to make Gold.

  • I’m freshly minted BA Silver due to being nominated by a family member with Guest List
    I’d earn 440 Tier Points and 20,860 Avios for redemption.
    440 tier points would put me 160 TP off re qualifying for Silver, which may be doable but not a priority.

-AA Miles
This is where I know the least about the program - from the calculations I’ve done, I’d earn 33,520 miles for redemption although I have a feeling I’ve made a mistake somewhere so if anyone could offer some advice it’d be much appreciate.

In terms of redemption off the back of these points, I’m leaning towards BA or AA. I earn primarily through credit cards and the ability to top up an account with those starting balances would be great. Not really interested in a QF redemption either, as I get QF travel as a staff member.

Look forward to hearing any advice!

Some Qatar flights e.g. Discount Economy do not credit points or miles to your Qantas account so in some cases there is no choice.

Warning. If family pooling points on Qatar flights they ask for birth certificates and marriage certificate. So you can  prove you’re related to each other.  Now, would you give a company which is based overseas or even an Australian company such forms of identity?


Check out the link below to compare how much mileage you will be credited under different FF program.

If you fly QF as staff, can you use your QF points for upgrades or reward flights? You seem to have a decent balance with QF so if you’re not worried about status then I’d be inclined to credit the points to QF. You can always gift them in future if you’ve got no use for them.