Which program should I credit points on Cathay Pacific flights - Qantas frequent flyer or Asia miles?

Just a quick question - will be flying in economy soon from Melbourne - Hong Kong - Colombo (MEL-HKG-CMB) return. I’m currently Qantas Frequent Flyer member but note that Qantas seems to have a low points earn rate and status credit accruals on Cathay Pacific flights. Is it better for me to become a member of Asia Miles for improved earn and status rates? Or given it’s likely to be the only time I’ll be flying with Cathay Pacific for a while, just cut my loses and log my Qantas Frequent Flyer details when booking with Cathay?
I’m also member of Velocity and Krisflyer programs and normally fly Singapore Airlines or Star Alliance overseas.

I have the same issue, In 2 weeks I fly PER-HKG-PVG Return on one of those (S) booking class fares that were super cheap, There is no points or status creds earn’t for that booking class with Qantas at all. (At first I was a bit annoyed because I’m going to be tight for rolling over for gold with QF this year & everything does count)

I don’t know where you at with your QFF Status or ticket booking class.
But please let me elaborate on what I did in my above mentioned circumstance.

There is a signup fee to join Cathay’s Marco Polo Club which is where you accumulate your Asia miles, Likewise myself I don’t have many plans in the future to travel with Cathay or to start collecting Asia miles, My loyalty is elsewhere.
If you have status with VA/SQ or Star Alliance you could try and hit Cathay up for a status match, or to at least waive the joining fee by proclaiming future or foreseeable loyalty, Already having past/future bookings will help.

In my case I simply thought about not worrying about trying to park the miles to anything as the fare was super cheap and an opportunity to do something I really wanted to do. So I was almost going to ride it off in terms of points/status earn just like I do with super cheap low cost carrier fares sometimes.
BUT… That was too late, as my inquisitive nature found a home with the Qatar Airways program to credit the miles. This is because I couldn’t be bothered chasing up Cathay for status match or paying for joining fee or whatever else. Plus future travel could be on the cards for me with Qatar, maybe, maybe not. But some points and status will have somewhere to go with no cost or hassle to me
So I will credit this trip to Qatar and see what the future brings.

Therefore if your situation is likewise maybe you can do the same, If you have a higher tier booking class than me I guess your going to just have to stick them to QF, VA/SQ are not partnered or Affiliated to Cathay.