Which program have better redemptions - Qantas Frequent Flyer or British Airways Executive Club?

I have recently relocated to the UK from Australia for work. In Australia I generally flew with Qantas and qualified QFF gold.

I intend on staying the UK for a few years and have joined British Airways Executive Club (also OneWorld). Given I intend on returning to Australia (and keeping QFF gold), I am wondering whether I credit my British Airways (or other OW) flights to my QF account (to try and retain QFF gold) or credit them to British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) to try and obtain equivalent sapphire status (silver). I expect I will be flying for work and holidays around Europe and possibly Asia/Nth America with BA or other OW carriers (though not enough to join AA or QR).

I have done some research and it’s not clear whether I will have better redemption with BA or QF. Both appear to have cut redemption opportunities for TP/SC in recent years so I am not altogether sure which strategy I should be pursuing.



I can’t comment on how different the 2 programs see award availability on oneworld airlines as I have not redeemed with BA before. However, I know that some of the airlines that can’t be searched on Qantas search are searchable on BA. I suspect BA and Qantas have their own respective partners outside of oneworld too. BA status might be more beneficial in EU, I don’t know for sure.

I really depends how easily you can maintain QFF gold vs how quickly you can get up to a meaningful status at BA. If you know roughly what routes/class and what airlines you would be possibly flying in EU, you can have a check at how SC or miles/points crediting compares between the 2 programs. wheretocredit.com might be helpful for this.

Hope this helps.