Which points/miles is best for purchasing for flights to Asia and Europe?

Hi. I’ve followed this site for many years and I am a keen frequent flyer point user and earner. However I have never ventured into the world of purchasing miles/points although I have observed articles about it many times here. For a newbie in this regard, how should I go about getting into this ? Which program is easy to use and offers good value for flights up to Asia and Europe ? Nev

You’re asking a vague question. Where precisely do you want to go in Asia? The reason I ask is that for some routes one world airlines are better other routes star alliance routes are better. This will determine which program is best for you.

Hi Mark. Thanks for replying. I don’t care whether it is One World or Star Alliance. I am a Qantas and Velocity member. I am a frequent traveller and go to many places all over Asia but I often go through to Europe as well. So I am open to any possibility. My initial question relates to what I see discussed on this website very often and that is alternate ways to acquire frequent flyer points/miles to use for premium redemptions. It is something I have never done but it is discussed so frequently I am wondering if I should be getting into it for good value premium cabin flights. Is it worth doing ? Is it easy to do with some other programs like AA or United ? Which one is best ? What are the pitfalls etc ? So my question is general in nature and not just about a specific destination. Cheers.

Hi Nev,

This topic can be quite deep and it won’t be easy to answer in a short few sentences.

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