Which is the better lounge? Qantas or American Express lounge at Melbourne airport

Hi all,

Just wondering which is better, I have an upcoming Jetstar flight with a qf number and I was thinking of buying some lounge passes for the Qantas lounge. I do also have my amex lounge passes. I was wondering which one is best?

First things first: if you have a choice between paying for lounge access, or getting into a lounge for free (or with passes that you already have), take the free option every time! Use your AmEx passes, and then if/when you travel again in this calendar year, pay for a lounge pass if you wish.

Having said that, both lounges are pretty good (the Qantas lounge often gets a bad rap which I don’t think is totally deserved). Both suffer from a lack of natural light, but the AmEx lounge does a better job of hiding that than the Qantas lounge which tends to be a bit dark. The AmEx lounge is smaller and more personal (the staff will often bring coffee/drinks out to you where you’re sitting), but the Qantas lounge is a lot larger with different zones. My personal preference is the AmEx lounge but really I’d be perfectly happy staying in the Qantas lounge for an hour or two.

This Point Hacks article, comparing every lounge at MEL, is a fun read and also links to more detailed reviews.

Agree with @sixtyeight. Use the AMEX lounge passes if you can, you can always buy lounge passes later. Assuming you are departing internationally (which you’d need to access the AMEX lounge), the Qantas lounge isn’t all that great design wise. However, the food and beverage is much better than the AMEX lounge which is smaller and thus less food.

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Thanks for the response, amex lounge it is :slight_smile: