Which is the better frequent flyer program - Velocity vs Qantas?

I have been travelling for work between MEL-PER since April this year and will continue to do so till mid next year. I have managed to maintain Velocity platinum status till July 2020. I also earn and transfer Amex points to velocity. Now I am confused if I should continue with Velocity or switch to Qantas for flights. I will still be earning velocity points using amex.

I travel to South Asia, Europe and US for personal travel where I usually redeem points. I would appreciate if anyone can provide expert opinion on this.


Velocity vs Qantas FF is like Ford vs Holden, Boeing vs Airbus, iPhone vs Android, Mac vs Windows. In the end they’re two excellent products that have different positives and negatives, and suit different people in different situations.

The accepted wisdom is that Qantas is marginally better if you travel overseas a lot, whereas Velocity may well suit your needs better if you mainly travel domestically.

For what it’s worth, here’s my two cents:

Qantas: a slightly better product, with the advantage of a much larger international network and being part of the Oneworld alliance.

Virgin: an almost-as-good product, arguably better value-for-money, and much easier to maintain status due to family pooling, fewer status credits required, etc. Not a member of an alliance but mitigated by very close links with Singapore Airlines etc.

Whatever you decide, they’re both good products: you won’t be making a “bad” or “wrong” decision.