Which is the better business class flight/experience if flying from Phuket to Melbourne? Thai airways or Singapore Airlines?

Hi all,

Currently booked to fly from Phuket to Melbourne with Singapore…
Silk Air - Phuket (HKT) to Singapore on a 737
Singapore Airlines - SIN to MEL (overnight on a 777)

I have the option to change the flight and fly with Thai Airways instead.
The new routing would be HKT - BKK - MEL.
The BKK to MEL would be on the A350.

The flights will be in Business class

My question is, what’s the better option?
Both long haul flights are overnight, so sleeping is probably the most important thing. A close second would be lounge.
Is the SilverKris lounge in SIN better than the TG lounge in BKK?

I am gold with Velocity, but I don’t think that has any sway since I’m flying J class.

Keen to hear if anyone has tried the Singapore 777 or Thai A350 in business.


Hi mdiggity,\r\nI like to use routehappy for flight comparison if I want a quick and dirty comparison. https://app.routehappy.com/flights/HKT-MEL-20190515?cabin=business&travelers=1\r\n\r\nI haven’t taken these particular routes hence I am replying as a comment and not a response.\r\n\r\nHKT to BKK/SIN is not much to speak about because it is short and in the 2-2 or 2-2-2 configuration (not flat bed).\r\n\r\nThe A350 is a newer aircraft. I enjoyed flying the A350 on SQ. Aircraft was really quiet. I would lean slightly against the A350 assuming the SQ777 has been refitted with the new business class seats.\r\n\r\nThe newer seats tend to have a foot well. I would google some flight reviews to help decide which is more conducive for sleeping.\r\n\r\nAs to lounges. TG business lounges tend to be very very busy. However, you do get a short free massage at the spa. I only managed to get one when I go to the spa early in the morning. At other times, the wait is too long. I personally enjoyed the SQ lounge in BKK as it is much quieter and the food is much better.\r\n\r\nSQ SilverKris lounge in SIN is very large but can get crowded at times, not as bad as TG lounge at BKK though->as you at least still get a seat at the SilverKris lounge. Quality is very consistent in this lounge.\r\n\r\nFood wise on board, I really enjoy TG food offering. SQ has book-the-cook but it is a hit and miss depending on what you order.\r\n\r\nIt really depends what you prefer and how the flight time differs. If they are fairly similar times, I would probably pick one that I haven’t tried before.

Thanks Warren for the response!\r\nWe haven’t tried either J product before, so it’s making the decision a little harder. It does worry me a little about the over crowding lounge in BKK. However, the longer flight time from BKK to MEL means a (hopefully) longer, comfortable sleep. \r\nWe flew Qantas SIN to MEL overnight this year, and the flight duration meant that we were only able to get about 4 hours sleep after the supper service finished, and before the breakfast service began.\r\nI think we might go Thai. \r\nPlus I’m a massive fan of the A350!\r\n\r\nThanks again for your help.

We have flown with Thai and SQ in J class within the last 4 months.  Before you make a decision check which seats are actually being used on your route!  I live in Perth and some of the SQ J seats are ancient and not lie flat.  I LOVE the width of SQ seats in their long range seats but that said they are a hard lie and we now take a short length auto inflate mattress with us (squeezes down to a 150mm square size and weighs about 500gms) which makes a huge difference.  We found the Thai seats from PER to BKK and BKK to Europe very, very comfortable to sleep on - quite superior to the offering on SQ.  Also my wife grumbles about the fact that the SQ sleeper seats are either up or down not incremental which my wife hates although it does not bother me.  Cabin service was good on both airlines but SQ probably had an edge and in my view the lounge at Singapore is better than Bangkok