Which is the best business class seat on Virgin Australia A330-200?

Hi Point Hackers

I have been saving my points and have just been lucky enough to redeem a Business class fare on VA 69 MEL-HKG .

There is only one other passenger booked at this stage so i can choose any seat except theirs .

I am travelling independently so a window seat is definitely the best choice rather than a pair in the middle, i initially thought 4A because i like number 4 then i booked 1A just because i could.

Now i am starting to think is this the best choice?
Is this seat different to the others due to being at the front and the bulk head?
Does the other passenger who is in 5A have the best seat ?
Do they know something i don’t know?
Are all the seats the same?
Have i made the right choice?
Are they all great seats ?
Do i just have a bad case of FOMO?

Keep in mind i am not very tall only 165 cm, and don’t really mind being near the loo in fact i think it’s quite convenient.

Any advice would be helpful.


Hi there MC
Take a peek at this link from ‘Seat Guru’

Look at the ‘featured user comments’

Hope that helps with your first world problem :laughing:


Hi Bofman

Thank you for the link .

I can see that Ryan was happy in 1A and seemed to think they were all great seats so that’s reassuring.

:clinking_glasses: MC