Which is better when flying with Singapore Airlines and Silk Air - earn Krisflyer miles or Velocity points?

Hi all.

We are about to fly SIN-MEL-PKT on Singapore airlines and Silk Air.

Would we be better off earning Virgin Velocity FF or KrisFlyer points? Our next trip is likely to be on Virgin rather than Singapore airlines. Right now we have our KrisFlyer numbers on the booking.



It really depends on your fare code.


The link above is for J fare code. It shows the same earn if crediting to either FF program.

If they credit the same, you have to decide which points you value more.

If status points/credits is something you are after, that changes the equation again.

Best to double check how many points you earn. I usually Google “Singapore airline earn miles calculator”

Thanks for the response.  Codes are as follows:

Mel-Sin U
Sin-Mel I (upgraded from Premium Economy using points)

We’re looking to earn the most amount of points possible, as you can then move them around as needed. Earning status credits/points is also preferred.

The calculator that you included above shows 0% earn on the I fare for Velocity, but I’m not sure how that can be right given we have paid cash for the Premium Economy part of this ticket so this must earn points?


Thanks. Yes, I realise that you only earn points on cash flights, not points redeemed flights.

But I am still trying to ascertain whether i should look to earn the points with virgin or KrisFlyer to get the best bang for my buck.